Mudassar Aslam (Ph.D)


PhD – Security and Trust Services for Distributed Systems
Mälardalens University, Sweden

Thesis: “Bringing Visibility in the Clouds using Security, Transparency and Assurance Services”

MS – Information and Communication Systems SecurityRoyal Institute of Technology, SwedenThesis: “Secure Messaging System for Mobile Transactions” 2007-2009
MSc – Master of Computer Science (Majors in Software Engineering)International Islamic University, Islamabad, PakistanThesis: “Electronic Software Licensing System”Distinction: 3rd Position (CGPA: 3.80) 2000-2002
BSc (Hons) – Bachelor of Computer ScienceInternational Islamic University, Islamabad, PakistanDistinction: Merit scholarships (CGPA: 3.49) 1997-2000

Honours and AWARDS

·     Received BEST PAPER AWARD for my work on combining TCG and SCAP 2014
·     Scholarship Grant for Higher Education (MS & PhD) from HEC, Pakistan 2007 – 2014
·     Nomination for Best Faculty Member Award 2004 – 2005
·     Secured THIRD POSITION in MSc (Computer Science), International Islamic University Islamabad (2000-2002) 2000 – 2002
·     Merit Scholarships during Bachelors and Masters 1997 – 2002

experience as ACADEMICIAN (5 ½ years)

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan

2002-On Leave
Lecturer – Computer Science Department (On Study Leave)
Course Instructor
– Introduction to Programming using C
– Object Oriented Programming and Design (C++/Java)
– Visual Programming (VC++)
Project Supervision – “Student semester projects”
– Time Table Manager: A web-based application to manage timetable resources (class, lab, teacher)
– Mobile Vehicle Log Book: A mobile application to manage vehicle information
– Information Notifier: A desktop application (daemon) for alerts (news, stocks, scores, etc)
– Mobile Dictionary: An extendable mobile dictionary
Administration Responsibilities
– Department Operating Officer (DOO), CS Dept, Abbottabad
– In-charge of Campus Time Table Committee
– Member Department and Campus Academic Regulatory Committee (DARC/CARC)
– In charge CS Class Advisors
– Acting in-charge of Computer Science Department (in absence of Head of Department)

experience in Research & development (5 years)

SICS Swedish ICT, Stockholm, Sweden


ResearcherActively participated in research projects with world renowned multinational companies like Ericsson, Saab Systems, Telia, etc.·     Protection of Security Critical Information in an Infrastructure as a Service Cloud·     Trusted Execution and Security Policy Enforcement in Virtualized Systems·     Trustworthy Networked Platforms·     Customer Premises Equipment Security

·     Secure Management of Trusted Virtualized Platforms

·     Secure Virtualization and Multicore Platforms



Elixir Technologies Corporation

2002 (Jan-Aug)

Elixir Technologies is a multi-national software house with one of the main development offices in Islamabad, Pakistan. I contributed in the development of Elixir’s Software Licensing System for their various industry products.

Research Interests

·     Securing Public Clouds by enabling user Trust in the remotely provisioned services·     Securing Platforms against software attacks using state-of-the-art hardware based security solutions such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM)·     Hardening Platform Security using Security Automation (SCAP)·     Secure Electronic Transactions over various channels (Internet, Intranet, Near Field Communication NFC)


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Talks & presentations

  1. Mudassar Aslam, Securely Launching Virtual Machines on Trustworthy Platforms in a Public Cloud – An Enterprise’s Perspective. In: Swedish IT Security Network for PhD Students (SWITS) Seminar, May 31- June 01, 2012, Skövde, Sweden.
  2. Mudassar Aslam, Christian Gehrmann, Security Considerations for Virtual Platform Provisioning, In: Workshop on Cryptography and Security in Clouds, March 15-16, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland.


  • C/C++, Java (SE,ME,EE), Perl, Javascript
  • Cloud Computing, OpenStack, Trusted Computing
  • Network Programming, Distributed Application Development, Object Oriented Analysis and Design


  • Dr. Mats Björkman
    Professor, Department of Computer Communication
    Mälardalens Högskola, Västerås, Sweden
    Phone: +46 21 107037
  • Dr. Christian Gehrmann
    Lab Leader, Secure Systems Lab
    Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Kista, Sweden
    Phone: +46 462865900, +46 768813690
  • Dr. Louise Yngström
    Professor, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
    Stockholm University, Sweden
    Phone: +46-8-16 16 10